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Post by MeowMaru on Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:49 pm

First of all, welcome to Atomica's guild forum and thank you for your interest in joining our great community.

Atomica's public recruitment will open at 30th November 2012. Bare in mind that levels are devided into groups. This means, after your application, depending on your level you will be placed in either Acimota (lvl 70+) or Atomica (lvl 110+). There is no difference between the two guilds. This simply enhances your training possibilities. Easier to create parties within the guild in certain areas etc.

After having submitted your application, a series of checks shall be run on your IGN and some members may request to speak with you in game, this is a quite normal routine, don't worry. After this, a decision will be made whether you can join or not according to the vote results and various other information we have gathered on the third day following your application.

PS: Application's have to be made in a new topic, I'll close this topic from now on.


Character Info
Your IGN (in game name):
Current level:
Other characters:
What guilds are these characters in?:
Normal hours of gameplay:
Is this character your main?:

Personal info
Tell us a little story about yourself. Work, school, hobbies (other than hanging out with your friends or playing maplestory.)

List all guilds you have been in before and for how long.

What made you leave them?

List any Atomicans from your bl list and tell us how you met them.

Communication & toleration
Our guild chat is english only so to be fair with everyone, with this in mind how good is your written english?

If you are being KS'ed by someone, a group or a guild. How do you act?

You are being invited by a group or guild to a cwkpq for the first time, their way of clearing the stages is unusual to you. How do you respond?

You have been scammed by someone, a group or a guild. How do you respond?

Goals & expectations
Which goals do you have, apart from reaching level 200? (if you don't have one, come up with one.)

Which goal(s) do you think Atomica focuses on?

What is your insight of Atomica? (meaning what do you expect from us/who do you think we are)

Any of your own questions please write below this line:


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