My country is Lithuania, cause its rainy here.

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My country is Lithuania, cause its rainy here.

Post by DarkCatFromEMS on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:44 am

Hey all, well, since i'm from Lithuania, wich is located at central Europe, lots of people do not know this country.
Lithuania is part of Europe Union and Nato as well. Our country is great with its history wich continues today.
Lithuania, in our language (wich is in TOP 10 the most hardest languages in the whole world) means Rain, Rainy, where the rains are. Also we got lots, lots of forests. We are second country in the Europe wich has the biggest forests. Don't mentioning crystal clear lakes and dam big fields.

Don't be lazy and check this video, its everything what foreign person should know about Lithuania, Europe's Union country - Lithuania.


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