v84 Tempest patch World Region Revamp

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v84 Tempest patch World Region Revamp

Post by Bobby on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:22 am

Tempest Update: World Region Revamp
Contents Update Date: 05 Dec, 2012
I. Orbis Tower, Eos Tower, and Helios Tower Revamp

- The Black Mage has destroyed Orbis Tower Floors 9 through 15.
- Orbis Magic Spots have been added to floors 1, 8, 16 and 20, and allow you to teleport to any of those floors for a fee of 5,000 mesos.
- Floors 1-8 and 16-20 can be moved through normally, but Orbis Magic Spots are the only way to directly move from 8 to 16 or back.
- NPC Huckle has been moved to floor 16.
- A Mystic Gate has been added to floor 16.
- Teleportation through Orbis Tower and Eos Tower is now easier than ever, with more locations to choose from and an added option of paying a fee to teleport if you don't want to use a scroll that activates the magic stones.
- Orbis Tower: Magic stones have been added to 1st, 10th, and 20th floors.
- Eos Tower: Magic stones have been added to the following floors: 1, 10, 31, 35, 67, 70, 91, and 100.
Some Eos Tower quests have been changed.

- Starting level, completion requirement, and rewards have been changed for some quests.
- New weapons and items have been added to stores.
- From now on, Lv.50~70 weapon and armor can be purchased in stores.
- Go to Orbis, El Nath, Ludibrium, Herb Town, Korean Folk Town, Omega Sector, Mu Lung, Ariant or Magatia to check them out!

II. Ellin Forest Revamp

01. Ellin Forest: New Quests
- A new level 95 quest chain consisting of 31 quests has been added to Ellin Forest. Travel back in time and experience the advent of Victoria Island.
- Characters level 95 or higher will receive the [Invitation to Ellin Forest] quest from NPC Spiegelmann.
02. Ellin Forest: Map Update

- Time travel to Ellin Forest through the top portal in Helios Tower (100th Floor).
- Ellin Forest maps have been revamped from the ground up.
- Ellin Forest's world map has been updated.
- New maps have been added to Ellin Forest: Rocky Mountain Cave, Deep Inside the Cave, Fairy Forest 1, Fairy Forest 2, and Queen's Hiding Place.
03. Ellin Forest: New Monsters

- New monsters were added: Violent Primitive Boar (Lv. 107), Ancient Fairy (Lv. 108), and Shining Fairy (Lv. 109).
- New boss monsters were added: Chao (Lv. 110), and Ephenia (Lv.115).
- Levels of existing monsters have been adjusted: Moss Snail (Lv. 87), Tree Lord (Lv. 100), Stone Bug (Lv. 104), and Primitive Boar (Lv. 106).
04. Ellin Forest: New Rewards
- The following equipment is available through the new quests:
Ephenia's Ring (Lv.105, Ring): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Max HP/MP +50, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +45, Accuracy +15, Avoidability +15
The Guardian of Ellin Forest (Lv.105, Medal): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +4, Max HP/MP +160, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +90, Accuracy +40, Avoidability +40, Speed +7, Battle Mode ATT +1


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