v84 Tempest patch Cross Hunters of the Silent Crusade

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v84 Tempest patch Cross Hunters of the Silent Crusade

Post by Bobby on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:39 am

Cross Hunters of the Silent Crusade
Contents Update Date: 05 Dec, 2012

I. Background

The dark aura of Black Magician is spreading and Arkarium, who was one of the disciples in Temple of Time, began to summon Mystic Gates all over Maple World! According to the news, he has already gathered an army of Master-level Monsters.
So be quick Maplers! Join the secret organization known as the Silent Crusade to hunt down the monsters and discover the truth behind the Mystic Gate! However, beware of the monsters inside the Mystic Gate since they are the strongest creatures chosen from the Black Magician's army.

As you progress through each chapter of Silent Crusade, you will also get to collect Crusader Coins with Cross symbols for acquiring unique and powerful reward items!

II. Features

- A new Silent Crusade window has been added which helps keep track of the monsters you’ve defeated, displays chapter rewards, and gives you quick access to the Silent Crusade shop. Default key: [,]
- Silent Crusade quests have been divided into 4 chapters, with special rewards for completing each chapter being able to be received from the Silent Crusade UI.
- New titles have been added that give you stat boosts when equipped. Double-click one in the Set-up tab of your item inventory to activate it.
- The origin of the Silent Crusade is revealed with a surprising revelation by one of its members.
- Many quests above Lv.120 have been added.

III. New Content

Requirements: Lv.75 or above
- Accept the quest “The [Silent Crusade] A Cry for Help” through the quest notifier on the left side of your game window.
- The Silent Crusade is a secret group in Maple World that specializes in eliminating especially powerful monsters.
- You will hunt powerful monsters through the Crusade to complete quests and bring justice!
- The Master Monsters are in their own unique maps which are accessible through Mystic Gates.
- The location of each Mystic Gate will be revealed during the Silent Crusade quest chain.
- There is a limited number of times you may enter a Mystic Gate during a day. (15 times per day)

IV. Reward

- Completing the quests will earn you potions, medals, titles and Crusader Coins. The coins can be used to purchase special Silent Crusade items.

- You can purchase items from Wence in the Silent Crusade hideout or by talking to him through the Silent Crusade UI.
- Wence’s shop contains equip items and scrolls to enhance them.
- During the Renegades Festival, you will receive Renegades Coins for completing chapters of the Crusade in addition to the regular rewards.

Chapter 1
- Apprentice Hunter (title): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, Max HP/MP +100. Untradeable.
- Crusader Coin x10
- Monsters to defeat:

Shadow Timer / Shadow Zeno / Shadow Deo / Target Dummy / Deet and Roi

Chapter 2
- Capable Hunter (title): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Max HP/MP +200. Untradeable.
- Silent Crusade Weapon Scroll: Double-click it to obtain a 100% weapon scroll for your job. Untradeable.
- Crusader Coin x15
- Monsters to defeat:

King Centipede / Master Hoblin / Master Harp / Master Birk / Kentaurus King
Chapter 3
- Veteran Hunter (title): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Max HP/MP +300. Untradeable.
- Silent Crusade Mastery Book: Double-click it to obtain a random mastery book for your job. Untradeable.
- Crusader Coin x20
- Monsters to defeat:

Chimera / Manon / Papulatus / Griffey / Richie

Chapter 4
- Superior Hunter (title): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, Max HP/MP +400
- 2-Star Enhancement Scroll: Grants 2 enhancements on scrolled equipment that has no upgrade slots left available. Success Rate: 80%, if it fails, the equip will be destroyed. Untradeable.
- Crusader Coin x30
- Monsters to defeat:

Pianus / Leviathan / Dodo / Lilynouch / Lyka

V. Crusader Coin Shop

- Collect the Crusader Coins to exchange for special items!
- The coins can be exchanged at Silent Crusade headquarters located in Edelstein.
- Additionally exclusive potions will be available for Cross Hunters in Silent Crusade


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