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GeilePanda's application

Post by GeilePanda on Thu Jan 03, 2013 8:53 am

Your IGN (in game name): GeilePanda
Current level: 168
Job: Dark Knight
Other characters: iThrowCats (105 NW), PiercePanda (120 BM), PandaBearZ (108 CB), BigBadPanda (108 WK), Pandaaaaa (101 cannoneer), ElvenPanda (82 merc), LacedUpPanda (123 DS), PandaPis (31 kaiser)
What guilds are these characters in?: all in OtisFrenzy. (my own guild with no1 in it besides me Very Happy)
Normal hours of gameplay: 1-2 hours a day..
Is this character your main?: yes it is

Personal info
Country: Belgium
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Tell us a little story about yourself. Work, school, hobbies (other than hanging out with your friends or playing maplestory.)
-so my name is Jonas, i think most of you guys might remember me? Surprised in school im study uhm i guess i could say wood constructioning Very Happy. i also play volleybal.

List all guilds you have been in before and for how long.

-to be hones i can't remember any guilds besides Atomica and AngelWings..

What made you leave them?
- both because they died..

List any Atomicans from your bl list and tell us how you met them.
- i think i still have most of them and i met them by being in the guild.. Very Happy

Communication & toleration
Our guild chat is english only so to be fair with everyone, with this in mind how good is your written english?
- its pretty decent ye

If you are being KS'ed by someone, a group or a guild. How do you act?
- i would ask them nicely to leave and if they dont just tell as many people to spread their names or something Surprised

You are being invited by a group or guild to a cwkpq for the first time, their way of clearing the stages is unusual to you. How do you respond?
- i would just try to roll with how they do it and learn as much as possible :)

You have been scammed by someone, a group or a guild. How do you respond?
- also tell as many people to warn them and spread the names

Goals & expectations
Which goals do you have, apart from reaching level 200? (if you don't have one, come up with one.)
- i just play for fun but one of my goals now is getting some mesos and equips again without spending any nx..

Which goal(s) do you think Atomica focuses on?
- uuh, i guess that would be fun and bossing?

What is your insight of Atomica? (meaning what do you expect from us/who do you think we are)
- i think you are a group of people who are closer to each other then most guilds..

Any of your own questions please write below this line:
- how are you all doing? :) i missed you guys? Surprised

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