Our Code of Chivalry

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Our Code of Chivalry

Post by Bobby on Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:09 pm

Continual training and practice to insure that the chosen job/skills, Role Playing and Writing are always homed and precise.

To act always within the 'Guild Rules', setting the example for others to follow.

Keeping faith with your fellow maplers. That which you know in confidence should never pass your lips, even if you have not been asked to do so.

Defend your fellow maplers from any threat or hostile behavior, and counsel charity to those that act in an untoward manner to others.

Give your honest opinion when asked, but remember always that truth may be kindly given, and kind words help where hard words harm.

Share all that you may with your fellow guild members, sharing creativity is to share a personal part of one’s self and is among the bravest acts that one may ever undertake.

Those of the Guild must have faith in their comrades and their Guild and know always that their trust is safely guarded by all, they should treat all as they wish to be treated in return.

Seek always to recognize honor and accomplishment rather than recognition for your own deeds, leave the recognition of your own deeds to others. Reward the deeds of others but do not seek reward for yourself.

Give all that you may in time and service to your companions. Noble spirit cannot live in the same body as a miserly heart.

Do not present unwanted attentions to others, if you feel encouraged by the attentions of others then inquire to these feelings privately, and if you find your attentions are unwanted then withdraw in courtesy, let no gentle rebuke draw malice or hurt feelings.

Seek to be emulated. Those that see your service and adherence to the virtues of chivalry shall seek to emulate your conduct.

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