A warm welcome from Atomica

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A warm welcome from Atomica

Post by Bobby on Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:19 pm

Welcome weary traveler to this place of refuge, The Guild offers a home for lost and wandering maplers who have finally seen the light and wish to better themselves in every way.

Through a forest that was ancient beyond years Master Bobby went to sea, and discovered under the horizon an older even than Atlantis path which lead to our first union campfire singing kum-by-ah and the discovery of what is now Atomica. Though many crog hath gotten in thy way, we was not distracted, we fought and made our union larger, bigger and stronger. Many a mapler have fallen on the journey, but what we have now is a haven for imagination and a refuge for creativity.

Welcome gentles all, greetings, fair health and fair time of day to you all,may you find your ease within the Halls of the Guild! Enter and let loose your worldly burdens and set your mind at ease, set free your creativity, and enjoy the wit, wisdom and comradeship all within.

Enter with an open mind and heart and take the full measure of all within, enjoy the work of others and contribute your own in return, for in the end... Atomica will conquer!

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